What we do?

We grow travel businesses.

We focus on search engine optimization (SEO). It is one of the most opaque and unspoken of facets of great marketing, and we see this as a huge opportunity.

Who we are?

David Kovacs

I help growing travel businesses profit from online marketing since 2013. I am an experienced, performance driven digital marketing strategist with expertise in Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing.

Travel SEO Team

Our team including professional copywriters, SEO experts and developers from UK, United States and Hungary. During the pre-interview process, applicants must pass a comprehensive SEO exam.

Our Founder's Story

David is a professional online marketer and SEO expert with a passionate, energetic combination of technical and creative skills and proven track record of delivering results. Highly ambitions and performance-driven digital marketing professional with an unparalleled work ethic. He worked with businesses that range from Fortune 500 companies to start-up ventures. David was previously a web analyst at the largest technology company in the world in terms of revenue, ranking 10th in the Fortune Global 500 and his work been featured on Business Insider, HubSpot and more.