15 Inspiring Travel Agency Website Design Tips to Follow In 2022

If you are reading this article, chances are that you working in the travel business or are connected to it somehow and in search of new, cutting-edge ideas on how to make the travel agency website top-notch for the year to come. And you’ve come to the right place as I have here for you a list of no less than 15 inspiring travel agency website designs trends in 2021.

Travelling is all about new experiences. And nowadays creating a good online experience starts with the travel agency website your clients are browsing through. But make no mistake, your site should be a real business card that shows everyone you how great and trustworthy this experience will be. It is indeed a bit hard to get to the level of “best travel” site but have no fear, I have here ideas that are going to get you noticed and set you apart from the competition.

And when you are done, your clients will just have a look around and feel inspired to pack their bags and take off! As this exactly the feeling you want to get from your visitors. So let’s get started:

1. Content Is Still King!

Doesn’t sound much like a travel website design trick, does it? But I tell it is more than just design, it is one of the basic rules. While great media and marketing are surely going to be helpful, do not lose sight of the fact that your clients are there for particular information. That information should be readily available for them and not just available but presented in a manner that’s useful, true and captivating! When they enter the site, they should find everything they need to know before packing their bags! That is the effect you want to get from them!

What more can you do? Spend time and create great content, describe hotels, itineraries, sites or whatever your niche is. Make it clear, use keywords and key phrases, be professional and you will get the results you are hoping for.

2. Usability: The Switch From Visit To Conversions

If you are hoping to turn the website visits into conversions, here is one piece of advice! The travel website should be user-friendly so that he can intuitively guess where everything is. Your great content for the website got you up in search engines searches and got the client to visit your site for the first time.

What’s next? When designing the website, usability should be your main focus! It should always be easy to browse through, to choose from your offers and they should get your help whenever needed for making the decision! Keep in simple and effective!

3. High-Quality Visual

I cannot stress enough how important high-quality photos are. We get captivated by the story they are unravelling and it is one of the best ways to catch somebodies’ attention and interest.

Your travel agency website needs this.  One thing, though: a stuffy content with too much media will take longer to upload! So you need to pay attention not just to the quality of media, but also to the quantity. It is better to have a few great photos than a lot of not so catchy ones! My advice: Opt for a stunning one on the homepage and all landing pages!

Not sure where to get it? You can buy them online as there plenty of options to choose from or should you afford it, you can also go for original content and hire a professional photographer. Whatever the case, choosing the right ones will set you apart!

4. Incorporate Maps, Guides And Other Tips

No doubt that a travel website design will differ from one type of business to another. For example, the bureau for a travel destination will have other categories incorporated in, as a website for tailor-made trips for snorkelling in Egypt but the main idea is that people need additional information.

What’s the bottom line? Whenever possible add links and maps to the locations, whether be for a hotel or local transport, airport locations, guides, etc. They will be really helpful not just for pinpointing in space the service but also for forwarding the correct and exact information to the client.

5. Mobile-Friendly Travel Agency Website Is A Must

This is another tourism website design tip that is in fact a basic rule. Nowadays every website needs to be mobile optimised. Travel sites are no exception. I am sure that you, like me and all others, search mostly when scrolling the social media pages. The first thing I do is get on my mobile and search away! And the first thing that gets my attention is a great photo…You know what I mean, no? This is how it starts! What is next? You search for the destination and see what options you have to get there. But, if the page will not load, or the image is not optimised for mobile…I will move on to the next option!

What is my point? Regardless of what device we use when booking, first, we usually search on mobile so make sure you are ready to receive your visitors and make a great impression. They will remember you and return to book that trip. Don’t waste your chance as people have very short patience span.

6. Authenticity

Great content goes hand in hand with authenticity. Where can you apply this principle in designing your travel website and get it ready for 2021? Well basically everywhere! From photos, written content,  to proving that you are who you say you are, everything should be exactly as it is presented!

What else can you do about it? Well, the idea is to prove you are being authentic. So, how about you have a part that allows reviews or comments? This is a sure way to prove you are being you! Furthermore, you get to interact and relate better!

7. Reduced Error And Loading Time For Pictures

Here is another design pattern you should consider. Do you know those sites that have tones of pictures and just won’t load? Well, that is something that you should not have. 

You want a clean design, with fewer but better looking and optimised photos so when you’re switching from one to another your site will cooperate and get the task at hand done.  You actually need to work on speed loading with as few errors as possible.

8. Visible CTA/ Call to Action

It is quite clear that incorporating a call to action into your travel website design is crucial! What that particular call to action works best for you, that is your choice entirely!

But it should always be visible and clear and drive your clients to do something on the website.

Do you need more phone calls or you need more subscribers to your newsletter? Add a simple Call Us now for further information or confirmation. Or maybe you want them to just book away entirely on their own. It’s your decision what CTA to choose but choose wisely as it can turn visits into conversions!

9. Easy Booking Process

Can you take another tip for a great website design?  Make it simple! At this point, I am referring to the booking part, but it works on all aspects! Simplicity will do the work for you. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been through that experience when trying to buying you have to add so much extra information that you just give up.

The booking experience should be quick, smooth and contain relevant just information that you need! That is why I said that simplicity should be the way you conceive the entire process.

10. Language Selection

Your website will be a great calling card to people from all over the world. So, it only makes sense, to take advantage of the multicultural aspect. More languages, more clients! It is not such a hard task at hand but it will go a long way for those searching in other languages and not trusting Google translate to get your message correctly.

It would be a shame to do everything right, to get a consistent content all across your website, just to have that message lost in translation!

11. Use Search/Navigation Bar

Treat your self with a navigation or search bar! These tools are incredibly useful and make the entire search experience user-friendly!

I don’t say likely! Just think how familiarised we are with this type of searching. It all comes naturally. Whatever and wherever you what to find something you type it in the navigation bar. You do exactly as you would do on a Google search. Trust me your customers will love to find anything on your website, a click away!

12. Design And Create For Your Niche

For sure, there will be a lot of variables when trying to find the best ideas to create a great travel agency website. But I, myself, am a firm believer that you need to address first and foremost your niche. Or you should define it, first. You are not going to be everybody’s cup of tea but for those that love Earl Grey tea, you will be the best.

For instance, if you are in the business of selling guided tours in Egypt, using an anime modern design …might not be the winning idea! But should you be selling guided tours in Japan- that is a way better approach.

Whatever your niche is, the website design should reflect it!

13. Videos Are Your Friend!

Photos are great but videos are the new photos! Like they actually tell a story, set in the right atmosphere and offer way more information, than any other media.

When available I watch it, even if it’s just a small video review for a hotel. I can get a truer sense of what to expect and if you use high-quality video content, it will improve the overall experience and set the tone for an up-to-date design and clever usage of multimedia.

14. Quality Trumps Quantity!

Quality beats quantity any time and in any respect.  Don’t just fluffy the content and lose yourself into extras. Your travel website design template should follow the rule of quality.

Use quality in everything: photos, multimedia, content, web design. Don’t let anything to chance. The experience should be an easy breeze, not a constant fight to find any kind of information. Or to constantly zoom in when trying to see something!

15. Categories And Icons Equal Faster Loading Website

Do you know what keeps people on your website? I mean, apart from great content, media and well design smooth booking experience? It’s the fact that it loads fast! How you can achieve that? We’ve covered photo and video aspect but I have yet another great design tip!

Use categories for easy content sorting and use icons for depicting the categories. We’ve concluded that great photos are needed but use them wisely and place them where needed so that your website loads faster.

Conclusion: How To Get The Best Version Of Your Travel Agency Website?

Design trends will change a bit or a lot but there are a few constants you can work on: the importance of great content and the way to get to arrange it into your travel agency website so that it is readily available. Of course, that tastes may differ and your domain will require different ideas when talking about the creative design but the basic will stay the same! 

Don’t ignore the photo and media aspect, as well as focus on user-friendly interface all the way! We are living in the internet era and every aspect of your travel website should be focused on making the search and booking experience light and obvious.

And, last but definitely not least, focus the design on ideas that allow your website to load fast and with as few as possible glitches! Apart from this get creative and show your best features and give people wings to travel. We all need it and love it. 

And on this note, I have reached the end of what I believe to be the best 15 inspiring travel agency website designs in 2021.

If you have any other insights and want to share them with me, drop a line. And if you liked what I’ve suggested, you can also write back, comment and as always, shares are greatly appreciated.

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