70 Travel Blog Post Ideas to Delight Your Audience

I was feeling inspired to write so I came up with no less than 70 travel blog post ideas to delight your audience. This not so short travel blog ideas list, that I’ve compelled, is actually my way of seeing the silver lining and looking forward to the moment we can resume the actual traveling around the world and not just the planning. 

A way of getting the bucket list ready!

But to be clear, traveling is not just about seeing places but also about sharing experiences and inspiring others to take the journey and then relive the joy of discovery! And I do not know about you, but I just love that feeling of new, endless possibilities and the thrill of just not sleeping in my own comfy bed.

But getting back to the ideas, I will just start with a question: Why do we travel and blog? Usually is because we want to share an experience, a fact, to let others know something that we went through. 

So when talking about travel blog post ideas I mean, the whole experience, not just the destination. We travel for different reasons, we have different styles and like different things but this is exactly what makes travelling such an enriching experience.

It can be both such a personal thing to share something you went through but at the same time, it can prove to be a very useful tool to get your site or blog noted, provided that you manage to capture and delight your readers with the right stories and right media.

I’ve divided my 70 travel blog post ideas into 3 categories, defined first by the “why” we travel; second: tips and hacks ideas and last but not least experiences and destination ideas.

Tourism Blog Ideas

There are as many categories for travel as are travellers. So categorizing tourism blog ideas might be a tricky business. But what I mean to say is we just don’t travel for the same reasons: some of us do it for work, others for fun, and others do it for the experience.

But when you get down to it, it is the same, you can use the experience and share it, whether be a business trip or leisure one or be it a leap year you take to do volunteering.

Let’s get started and check some travel blog post ideas for when you are travelling for business.

1. Corporate travel blog ideas: Going to a meeting, conference or exposition? Do not skip the opportunity to share the experience with your clients and followers. What can you write about? Well about anything you found interesting: location, people, atmosphere, the subject of the meeting! Anything will do!

2. Training: in the same business-related blog post ideas category you can share with your audience the travel destination for training experience, anything that you found interesting or out of the ordinary. I am sure that many of us would love to know how to pack for a training trip, what to expect or what to visit in the free time.

3. Business & corporate short term contracts: Maybe you got the chance to work in a new location for a short while. You might feel like sharing that with your followers to let them see more of what you discovered, travel sites, local food stores… or just how you find the new job and co-workers.

As you can imagine you can write anything on the subject, just keep in mind that in this case, you can use it for your business, and it might be a good idea to follow a more professional line.

Moving on, let’s get to leisure travel blog ideas.

Let’s face it! Leisure is the main reason we travel! And the main reason we love reading about it is the fact that it is such a personal experience and we are inclined to be curious! And you can literally write about anything. Should you be searching for some inspiration and ideas about what to blog about, just have a look at some of the things I have on my list.

4. What is always a good inspiration and plenty of destinations to choose from? City break ideas!

5. You can also take inspiration in any of the short breaks you take and write about that.

6. Do you look forward to your summer/winter holiday? You can take this opportunity and share your experience, the destination, what you found challenging or fun.

7. Family holidays: This is always a good choice! Whether is letting people how to deal with certain situations or simply just letting the story of what you liked, unfold!

8. Travelling is also about having fun and living to tell the story! So write about it! Festive events and parties are always fun memories!

9. What else? We also travel for all sorts of events from sport, weddings, and concerts and so on! I know I do! So why not share the experience? Concerts and events will always be a good idea for a travel blog post.

Learning and learning and travel experiences

Other very interesting travel blog post ideas are related to the experiences you go through when learning and living abroad, for however short or long the period is. You get the chance to discover local places, local sites, food and traditions and you also get the chance to write about it.

10. Not all of us are courageous enough to just pack and leave! But if you are, do let people know how you did it so they might find the inspiration to follow you. Your work & travel experience is on my travel blog post ideas.

11. Also, I want to read and write about volunteer work and the extraordinary people we meet on the way.

12. Learning abroad is always an enriching experience so put it in on your traveling blog idea list.

“How To” Travel Blog Ideas

Moving on to with my list of travel blog post ideas, how about you share with your readers hacks, the ”hows” and tips you’ve discovered along the way? There are countless but let’s get a few going so you can get back to writing and vibing with inspiration.

13. Let’s start at the beginning with how to choose your destination. This is always a bit personal and you can let people know you’re way of choosing and the process of it all.

14. What’s next? How to book a flight or trip.

15. Something that is challenging and requires experience? How to pack!

16. What are the best sites to check for reviews?

17. Unless you are a millionaire, or even if you are… it’s always a good blog idea to write about how to set your budget.

18. Another idea for your travel blog is to share what you should never leave home without.

19. Travelling abroad to an exotic location? How about sharing some tips on what never to forget to do before leaving?

20. Some of you know that travelling with kids is something altogether so put it in tips for family trips and travelling with kids and let others learn from your experience.

21. Nowadays travelling with your furry friend is not something out of the ordinary. So another idea for a travel blog post is how to travel your pet.

22. You need not be frugal in order to be interested in How to choose and book an economical accommodation.

23. Are you a fan of adventurous road trips? Well then this is your chance to share some tips for road trips.

24. Most of us don’t travel when we are not feeling that good, but sometimes you do not have that choice or you have it under control. Another idea is to share how to travel safely when suffering from…diabetes for example.

25. How to handle a cancelled reservation or overbooking. This subject is really something useful. You never know when you encounter such a situation and your travel blog could definitely benefit from such a subject.

26. Have you ever tried to organize a trip for you or more people? Then you know that there is a lot to deal with so you can dig into the How to plan a group trip.

27. This year more than ever, we have all been more aware and self-conscious about how important it is to stay safe while travelling. A good idea for your tourism blog is to dig into the how to stay safe on trips.

28. Travelling might be fun and interesting but sometimes you have a lot of time to kill before reaching your destination. My next idea? It is all about how never get bored on long flights/trips.

29. This next point on my travel blog ideas is sharing how to deal with jetlag or fear of flight.

30. And let’s not forget one subject that I encounter every single time I return home how to survive the blues/ after getting back home.

Travel Blog Ideas About Experiences and Destinations

I, personally, love to read and get myself inspired by others and their experiences. I love looking at the pictures and videos and let myself dream into the location. And then plan to get there. So keeping up with our inspirational tourism and travel blog ideas, let’s get a few of them here, in no particular order. And these are just a few ideas, but it will help you get your writing flowing.

31. Feeling romantic? Ideas about proposing? You can write about what would be the best places to travel to get engaged.

32. Why visit… ? Paris, Moscow? Any city you love will do!

33. Share away your experiences and let the people join in your adventures. Write away about what to do in… and just choose your location, Thailand for example?

34. This one is very important! Best coffee shop in… ? Not a coffee addict? Write about your favorite pastry shop, Tea shop, etc.

35. If you are looking forward to making a romantic get-away how about a wine tasting tour in… What’s even better is that you get to mix scenery location, wine tasting and feeling chick! You get the idea!

36. Best train trip: always an experience!

37. Another idea for your tourism blog post is to try and share why camping makes you a better, happier traveler.

38. Best scenery You get to delight your audience with images and videos from the most extraordinary places you visit.

39. A fan of sport and adventure travel? Share why to go parachuting, rock climbing, rafting, etc.

40. Shopping travel and share the best locations and tips for it.

41. Backpacking in…

42. Feeling like you need more? Glamorous experiences!

43. I always love to discover new locations… so don’t forget to mention the most underrated destinations.

44. Stargazing trips. Never a boring or a disappointing experience!

45. Santa’s lovely home?

46. Sea or ocean lover? Why sailing?

47. Best beaches in the world!

48. What is your favorite destination? And feel free to be particular and personal about it!

49. Please also share the places you don’t recommend!

50. Share your tips on flying…

51. This blog idea needs no introduction: Girl trip destinations.

52. You would not be a real traveler without wanting to see the Wonders of the Word.

53. Fascinated by the highest, lowest, tops of the World?

54. What to do on a safari?

55. Why try the local food in… ?

56. Night owl much? Blog your ideas about nightlife adventure from all over the world!

57. Solo traveling.

58. What to do on a specific season: ex Christmas market in Vienna.

59. Romantic destinations and here you can get as creative and romantic as you are.

60. Feeling like traveling and having fun? How about blogging about some of the festivals you’ve been to?

61. Free entertainment in…You can visit museums and expositions for free and let others how to do it as well.

62. Outdoors and adrenaline trips for you to try!

63. Best local markets. Do not forget about this tourism spot and share what delicious, traditional cuisine you can find there!

64. Churches and cathedrals not to miss.

65. The local history is always fascinating so write about the historic places to see in…

66. Where to eat when you are a vegan in… Because sometimes it is an issue to find the right place!

67. Where to go dancing in…

68. Cheap places to stay in…

69. Best city in… Italy for example or anywhere in the world for that matter.

70. Do not miss your favorite sports event in….

What will you use as travel blog post ideas to delight your audience?

Well, it is all up and about you and what inspires you! You can make your tourism blog about whatever strikes your fancy and put in as many travel blog ideas as you want. Put your soul into it and it will be great. There is no better or worse subject to write about as it all about sharing something personal with those that are reading and getting to know you better through your shared experiences. And don’t forget to travel and blog about it!

I might have forgotten about a few other great ideas for a travel blog post so if you found some inspiration here, drop a line and share it with me. I would also love to get this list of travel blog post ideas to 100 and with your help, we can!

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